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  1. Spline Drive Oil Pump Gears Group Buy

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    We are offering a group buy price of £400 instead of the usual price of £480 for a set of Spline drive replacement gears for a range of RB oil pumps. We need a minimum of 5 orders, can be from a mix of gears N1/Nismo 77mm, OEM 81mm, Jun or Tomei. Please add your name if you would like a set...
  2. Spline Drive Oil Pump Gears

    Trade: For Sale R32/R33/R34/R35/Stagea - PARTS
    Having identified one of the key causes of oil pump failures, spline drive oil pump gears eliminate the clearance problems associated with the OEM flat drive systems. Spline drive setup is used by the Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine which does not seem to suffer from broken inner gears as the RB26 when...
  3. Special Year End Sale On Dodson 1st and 2-6 Helical-Cut Gearsets!

    Speed For Sale
    **** Free Shipping to the lower 48 States in the US, and great shipping prices for any overseas orders! **** We have Dodson first gear and also 2-6 helical gearsets IN STOCK at our shop in Atlanta. They are also heat treated and cryo treated to ensure maximum durability and minimal deformation...
  4. Theory behind driving Fast.

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Dear fellow GTR enthusiast, What is the idea behind driving fast specifically regarding changing gears? Once I get my GTR sometime mid this year, I wouldn't know how to use the flappy paddles optimally, I passed my driving test driving a stick but that doesn't mean I know hot to get the best...