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griffiths detailing
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  1. Griffiths Detailing
    This car was booked in for an enhancement detail as it was at a show on Saturday (2 days later) On arrival I was shocked at the terrible condition, Paintwork on initial inspection roll on 31hrs over 2 days to ensure it was done and this is what it was like.
  2. Griffiths Detailing
    The perfect start to a new cars life, this detail protects every single possible surface. This was quite easy actually and only took around 28 hrs Chris
  3. Griffiths Detailing
    This stunning RS6 was 900 miles old, the customer wanted anti scratch protection to keep the car looking great as long as possible, he also wanted the best possible gloss. The advanced new car gtechniq detail was perfect for this, every surface was protected with gtechniq including calipers...
  4. Griffiths Detailing
    The customer wanted anti scratch protection and the ultimate gloss. It was decided to go for my advanced gtechniq new car detail. Every surface is protected including calipers, full wheel, leather, fabric, glass, trims and paint. 40 hrs went in to this one Chris Griffiths Detailing |...
  5. Griffiths Detailing
    This stunning cayenne was in a sorry state, some terrible washing had made the paintwork dull and with zero protection at all. I spent just over 60hrs on this car and finished the job off with Swissvax crystal rock Chris Griffiths Detailing | Detailing | Paint Correction | Cheshire |...
  6. Griffiths Detailing
    This Porsche 997 was treated to one of my very top details , badges, lights, wheels all removed. Fully corrected then gtechniq protection applied to all surfaces. Chris Griffiths Detailing | Detailing | Paint Correction | Cheshire | Paint correction and Detailing Cheshire
  7. Griffiths Detailing
    I spent the last 5 days working on this stunning C63, finished with crystal serum and 2 layers of Exo. Glass, trim, wheels and calipers all protected Chris
  8. Griffiths Detailing
    This car was sent by Mercedes uk, it was a mess even tho it was brand new. They did everything to keep the customer happy and the car was sorted and no expense spared.
  9. Griffiths Detailing
    This was a stinker of a job, just shy of 80hrs total time. Finished in Swissvax crystal rock Chris Griffiths Detailing | Detailing | Paint Correction | Cheshire | Paint correction and Detailing Cheshire
  10. Griffiths Detailing
    Sorry guys again no big write up due to time restraints but here is a finished pic. For more updates please like my Facebook and twitter page. Chris
  11. Griffiths Detailing
    Ok so this was a real test of my skill and patience lol Every edge was covered in da sanding marks and pig tails covered every panel. Possibly the worst prepped new car I have ever done in 11 years. Finished pics wearing gtechniq gri
  12. Griffiths Detailing
    This car was in a real bad way so needed a full correction detail, roof deep clean and protect, interior detail and gtechniq g1 on glass Chris
  13. Griffiths Detailing
    I spent the last 3 days on this brand new Ferrari 458. I also swapped the wheels for speciale wheels. Thanks for looking Griffiths Detailing | Detailing | Paint Correction | Cheshire | Paint correction and Detailing Cheshire
  14. Griffiths Detailing
    This huge beasty was fully re-sprayed (colour change) and the finish was pretty poor, milky appearance etc So after 4.5 days detailing it finally looks how it should. Chris
  15. Griffiths Detailing
    This Porsche was treated to my 2 day light correction detail, finished wearing Swissvax Shield. Thanks for looking Chris
  16. Griffiths Detailing
    The aim for this car was to protect it the best possible way on all surfaces, so all exterior and interior surfaces where coated with Gtechniq products including the just released Gtechniq Crystal serum. Chris
  17. Griffiths Detailing
    This stunning 993 RS was brought to me for the ultimate detailing and protection package, the paint was major thin so I had to tread carefully. Finished with 2 coats of Modesta PO1a, BC05 and M1. More pics to follow Thanks for looking Chris
  18. Griffiths Detailing
    This R8 was poorly prepped by the dealer, it was covered in marks and polish residue. I treated it to my 3 day correction detail and protected the paint with 2 coats of Swissvax Crystal Rock. Thanks Chris
  19. Griffiths Detailing
    This Ferrari was treated to a 2 day light correction detail (currently on offer £450) and finished in Auto Finesse Desire wax. Thank you for looking Chris
  20. Griffiths Detailing
    This needed some slight correction work, it was one stage machine polished, protected with Swissvax Crystal rock. Gtechniq G1 on glass and Gtechniq I1 on interior fabrics Thanks for looking Chris
1-20 of 115 Results