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  1. Kick down lag

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hey guys, I'm not sure if it's me or what but I am experiencing a lot of lag when I'm in 6th gear I put my foot down, it takes a while to cycle through to find the right gear then the power kicks in. My question is, is there any way to get rid of this because I think this lets the car down...
  2. ADV1 wheel OFFER for 2014 - DREAM / PURCHASE / ENJOY

    Projex Design Uk
    As we are in the Holiday spirit and looking forward to the start of 2014 we would like to offer you all an ADV wheel deal. We are offering any ADV1 M.V2 style of wheel with great discounts. This is a big promotion for the GTROC members and for such a big brand of wheels that most admire and...
  3. NEW LF Forged Monoblock wheels

    Projex Design Uk
    We have now just received images of the all NEW LF forged monoblock wheels - These wheels are 1 piece monoblock forged for strength and weight reduction... Various sizes and widths - Various Colours - Concave Profile - Introduction Offer - 20" £4300.00 inc Vat 22" £4950.00 inc Vat (...
  4. New Niche 2 piece forged Track series wheels

    Projex Design Uk
    We now have the final designs and pictures of the NEW Niche Track series wheels - These wheels are custom two piece welded wheel constructed of 6061 T-6 forged aluminum and are custom finished per order. All available in either with a step lip or soft lip (traditional). Custom fitments and...
  5. "TheDriver" animated series - Official Trailer

    Non-Skyline / GT-R chat
    Hello Everyone, I would like to share this teaser trailer with you guys. "TheDriver" is an animated tv series is scheduled to released in Summer 2011.. YouTube - "TheDriver" - Official Trailer 2 Official Website, The Driver I hope you guys like it.