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  1. Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    Hello Everyone! Because of a change of mind im selling my two Mine's Motorsport MAFs (Mass Airflow Sensors) and a Apexi Power FC. The 2x Mine's MAFs are rated up to 700hp max. Perfect for a OG build. I don't know the exact KM. standing on them but visualy they are in good shape (no cracks or...
    €518 EUR
  2. Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    Control number 21-12-3079-KAT-2G4 In-house evaluation A (unused / exhibited) B (Beauty product) → C (good product) D (repair required) E (junk item) Product status I think the condition is good. There are some scratches and scratches. There are no noticeable cracks or damage to the mounting...
    $524 USD
  3. General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Hi all gtr owners new to the gtr forum only posted couple of times iv had my r33 for quite some time and realised it is starting to have a lot of surface rust etc underneath and needs sorting asap everyone I am contacting (body shops are telling me you need someone who is a specialist in this...
  4. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hey guys, another question regarding a 59 plate black edition CBA. A lot of cars these days have both cruise control and speed limiting, i much prefer speed limiting (still has driver input and slows down when you let off the throttle but doesn’t let you accelerate past your selected speed...
  5. R35 - "How to" and DIY guides
    Good evening fellow petrolheads, I’ve tried searching and found little of any use, i’m after - A digital copy of the R35 workshop manual (including all wiring diagrams etc) i’ve checked some old threads and the links don’t appear to work - Is there a modification i can do to get lane change...
  6. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    I haven’t done much research on the T-Spec but I remember hearing somewhere when it was announced that it was the last of the R35 GTR. Is that true? I mean I wouldn’t be surprised seeing as how it’s been running for over 10+ years.
  7. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Titanium lug nuts M12*1.5 Close end Length 35mm Gr5(Ti6al4v)
  8. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hi guys, a few questions. I've got a 2017 EBA Nissan GTR, ive seen that they are commonly referred to as being a little softer compared to the DBA. The older DBA has an official 0-60 of 2.8, Nissan didnt release any performance figures for the EBA i.e 0-60 or Nurburgring times. Ive read so...
  9. General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Hey guys, After checking out lots of your build threads and the things Matty32 has been posting, I decided to give my black 1990 r32 gtr a full paintjob and have bought an eye watering amount of money worth of seals, rubbers, windows, etc..The last piece I will need is a metallic black 732 rear...
  10. WANTED - All parts or Vehicles
    Hello, If anyone has got what I need and is willing to sell at a reasonable price please hit me up! Thanks
  11. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    When i was idling some noise came from gearbox sounds weird, is it normal for facelift GT-R?
  12. General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Hi guys, Just thought I'd share a technique to restore/change the colour of a rear R32 GTR emblem if you're ever stuck without options, like I was. I bought my TH1 R32 GTR about 2 months ago without any emblems on it, which of course I had to fix. I had my eye on one on eBay but it was a red...
  13. WANTED - All parts or Vehicles
    I need OEM passenger and driver side seats for my R33 GTR. Pm me if you have it for sale. Thanks :)
  14. Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    Hello, I have plates for sale, anyone that knows plates will know these are quite valuable. The number plates are on retention documents in my name and so ready to go. Number Plate: R33 AWD Price: £10,000 (open to serious offers) I also have Number plate: F1 VXX Price...
  15. Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    Hello, I'm selling my nismo r34 gtr cluster in excellent condition Color is black without original box Price 2000 pounds Best regards
  16. Tuning: General
    As far as I’m aware a remap is available from EcuTek and can also be done remotely, however Cobb have no plans to support the newer model. when looking for tuning boxes there seems to be offers for the up to 2016 model with 550ps and even the Nismo with 600ps however there doesn’t seem to be...
  17. Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    I’m selling my GTR gearbox out of my R32, selling due to the car being off the road for a refresh/rust repair/upgrade and I have a OS88 gearbox to go it it, has had the bell housing repaired. Any questions just ask, cash on collection or bank transfer Offers around £3800
  18. Exhausts, Brakes, Wheels/Tyres & Suspension (GT-R)
    Hi Guys, Just wondering what others are getting in mileage from the OEM Brakes? Mine has done 12,000 miles and not been on a track and I have done the last 8000 miles which has some occasional spirited driving but nothing hard on braking, never had brake fade for example.. Also the original...
  19. General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Hi guys, Ive been really into photography for quite some time now but due to me getting a proper camera setup I've started shooting cars. Ive done a couple shoots for friends and also a local Audi dealership, but id like to gain more experience and build on my portfolio. If there's anyone in...
  20. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    I was fortunate to meet with a Sr. Manager of Product Planning at the Nissan North American HQ. He shares some unique insights on this beauty.
1-20 of 438 Results