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  1. Service costs - Major 3 yr service

    Nissan GT-R Maintenance
    Hi I have a MY16 GT-R. Annual Service at Charles Hurst HPC Belfast and now up for her 3rd year service just before warranty runs out. 10k miles. Feel as if I am being ripped off on 3rd annual service cost. They say its a major service and breakdown is this: 3rd annual service (oil and...
  2. Great service by Colliers Birmingham

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Great service from Colliers today as the volume control on my steering wheel stopped working properly and would've cost in excess of £1000 but they offered to fix it free of charge!! Exceptional service from the guys and would definitely recommend using them. Special thanks to Mitesh Tailor at...
  3. Serious problem - help needed

    Dear GTROC members, I need your help to resolve a problem with Nissan. This is what happened: I noticed that engine oil consumption in my MY10 GT-R started to increase and was already bit worried end of last year - but was told by HPC in Budapest (Nissan Gablini) that anything bellow 1l/1000km...