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  1. R34 cigarette lighter power

    Hi all, Is the cigarette lighter socket on a 2002 R34 powered ALL of the time, or only when ignition is on??? thanks. :wavey:
  2. R35 Won't Start - Help with Fault?

    Technical Chat
    After nearly one month since last driving my R35, I have had no luck starting it today. When attempting to start the car a juddering/vibrating sound can be heard (pump?) and both the display and brake lights flash/vibrate in-step with the sound. Sound is roughly like a toy machine gun (from a...
  3. Stag wont start - help

    All things Stagea
    Awoke this morn to find the alarm would not work , got inside , turned the key and no ignition lights came on and the starter did not engage or turn over the engine , the battery is ok as fog lights and warning lights worked without draining each other , I am thinking Ignition relay - trouble is...