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  1. Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    Price includes shipping to any EU country and the UK Excellent Condition. Used for cca. 2000 miles only. Recently flow tested, all fine Worked in a 550hp application without fault £800 new £300 via PayPal
  2. Tuning: General
    One of my stock injectors recently failed and the others are also pretty old.. The fuel pump is also an old stock unit. I'm wondering if there's any real detriment to running bigger injectors like 555cc Nismos w/Nismo pump on a lower duty cycle. If there's no major downfall, I'll probably just...
  3. Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    New in box. ID1050 Part #: 1050.60.11.D.6 6x Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors w/clips & pins £450 OBO New in box. HKS fuel rail 11mm £250 OBO £600 for both
  4. Electronics
    I have a holiday coming up, during which I'm taking some time to work on the interior of my car. Since I'll have all of the dash panels off anyway I think it'll be a good opportunity to install some parts I've had lying around for awhile, namely a Link G4+ plugin, some Bosch EV14 injectors and...
  5. Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    Hello all, Clearing garage out due to my car being upgraded... All in 100% working condition. Prices exclude delivery! I'm just guessing prices, please recommend if I have asked for too much or too little! :wavey: Standard yellow 440cc injectors from RB26 - £80 Nismo Flywheel and clutch -...
  6. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Am installing a set of Bosch 1000cc fuel injectors (purchased in the USA) and they're supposed to be a straight swap with stock, but can't get them to fit properly. They sit about 2mm deeper than stock and I'll need to modify the fuel rail to make it fit by filing down the 6 screw holes on the...
  7. Tuning: General
    Hi, So, I spent some time replacing the pre filters in my sytec bullet filters and cleaned out the post filters. This is the state of the paper filter that came out: - Disgusting! This could be the reason why the fuel pressure was dropping at high rpm/boost on the dyno after there was some...
  8. Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    Selling to upgrade Denso 720cc injectors 195500-0830. I had these flow tested last year when I rebuilt engine and they have been in my car until last week. My car was running just over 620bhp @crank with these in. I will post some pictures later. Thanks £350GBP
  9. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    SRD are now official Asnu distributors and stocking a range of these great injectors. We have found these injectors give much better performance than others on the market and help eliminate black smoke and smells in the car. This is especially true on stage 4 cars. Injector packages for the...
  10. Technical Chat
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1-10 of 12 Results