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  1. Exhibitions or events

    Meetings & Events
    Is there any jdm exhibition happening in london?
  2. Performance shop recommendations near Nuremberg, GE?

    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Probably a long shot, but does anyone have any recommendations for performance shops near Nuremberg, Germany? Having some turbo sputter issues with a skyline I recently bought and need some good help. I replaced and checked everything I can think of with along with advise of the good samaritans...
  3. What do i use

    K so during head rebuild on my rb26 in lack of my questioning an information from seller i bought tomie 290' cams what turbos / turbo do i go with an what kinda manifold ect, i wanted to have 700 whp an mostly a sumer dd help?
  4. This week only! 17/08/12

    JDM Garage
    The basics of 'This Week Only' It will run Friday to Friday, 7 days Once the offer has finished thats it, price goes back to original Full payment needs to be received within the 7 days to receive the offer price Any questions please ask! All Prices are Plus VAT ACL Main Race Bearings...