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le mans

  1. R33 GTR Le Mans WANTED

    As title, looking to buy a R33 LM - may consider a N1 if I cannot find a Le Mans. Anyone have one for sale? :wavey: Pic for attention....... :eek:
  2. WANTED - R32 NIsmo / R32 N1 / R33 V Spec LM

    Looking for 1 off the above. As standard as possible and very good condition or better. No dreamers - no time wasters. goes both ways for sellers, and buyers. thanks, :wavey:
  3. Most memorable event in 2009

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    I know this will be painful for some and I apologise but for me one of the most memorable 'events' of 2009 actually brought me to the point in my mind where I fell for the GT-R. We were sitting in our camp in downtown Maison Blanche at Le Mans on a relatively calm day, I think it was a couple...