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  1. Wanted
    Can anybody get me the pipes that lead from the Attesa filler bottle in the boot downwards as I have a leak in these and need them replaced ASAP? Needed for a R32 GT-R 1994 Brian
  2. Technical Chat
    I took my wheels off for refurbishment recently, and noticed that there is a slight oil mark on the drivers side front driveshaft/diff coupling. Is there an oil breather around there, or does it look like the diff seal is starting to leak a bit? Ideally I'll get this looked at when it's next...
  3. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Good day all As per the attached pic, may anybody explain the oil leak ? Please Thanx
  4. Wanted
    I'm after an R32 GTR ABS unit. I'm actually looking for a failed / leaking unit that someone is looking to throw away. I'm happy to pay the postage and a token amount for your trouble. I've put another thread in the Maintenance section. I'm trying pull together a rebuild kit which I'll be happy...
  5. Maintenance
    I've searched several forums and the subject of R32 GTR leaking ABS units comes up regularly. I've found a number thread where people in the UK / Aus / US have tried to rebuild the unit with varying degree's of success, but decided I had nothing to loose so have stripped my leaking unit down...
  6. Tuning: General
    Hi, I have tried searching for a solution to my problem, but all of the posts didnt exactly help my certain predicament. I have a 92 GTR, and for about a month now, I have been experiencing a loss of power. In first gear, the car revs up to about 5000 rpm, then misfires, hesistates, and...