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  1. R35 GTR GTC Tail Light Kits available for next day delivery!

    Hi guys, Got lots of these available. Simply order on our website and we will dispatch for next day delivery. Nissan R35 GTR GTC 4 Tail Light Kit GTC 4 Tail / Rear Light Kit suitable for JDM & EDM & Gulf spec (not USDM) Made in the UK comes complete with fitting instructions (10 min job)...
  2. Intermittent Electrical/charging problems

    I'm having a few issues; 1. Fluid in ATTESA Resevoir will not settle to bottom of resevior, causing a low level. (screen clogged)? 2. Clicking noise in trunk...Probably related to problem 1. 3. Alternator stops charging at random intervals. 4. HICAS light and Battery light illuminate. Could...
  3. HID Xenon Head Light Kits "ULTRA SLIM" from ONLY £49.99!

    Trade: For Sale R32/R33/R34/R35/Stagea - PARTS
    HID Xenon kits using ULTRA SLIM technology. These have proved to be a very successful product over the winter months where night time falls a lot earlier, significantly increasing your night time driving. Using our buying power, we have managed to reduce the prices from our suppliers...