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  1. Looking for Nissan R35 GTR VR38DETT intake manifold

    Hi, I am looking for Nissan R35 GTR VR38DETT intake manifold VR38 Nismo tuning GT-R. Can anyone suggest the trustable seller with international shipment.
  2. R34 RB25 Intake Manifold benefits

    Engine Mods
    Hello guys. I saw that on RB25DE the intake Manifold is different: RB25DE RB25DET Do we have dome benefits using RB25DE Intake Manifold? Thanks a lot
  3. New Online Distributor

    Performance 1 Coatings
    You can now quote and order online using our 1st On-line distributor FastFox Performance. FastFox Performance Parts not only offer a variety of ceramic coating and heat management solutions, they also offer the full exhaust systems and part exhaust systems coated and un-coated from a variety of...
  4. Upgrades up for sale

    Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    I bought these to achieve 500bhp on my R334 gtst but I've decided to go the R35 route and sell the car and all the parts I've acculated. So here goes. Ask for postage quotes or pick up at Telford during the weekends. HKS Fcon Pro 3.2 Gold ecu £600 HKS Harnes to go with above £100 Denso Map...
  5. Does ceramic coating offer more power??

    Performance 1 Coatings
    The question we always get asked.... Ceramic coatings are typically used on exhaust components to reduce temperatures but, not limited to exhaust systems altogether. Ceramic coatings are an excellent thermal barrier due to their poor ability to absorb heat. This is why headers/ manifolds are...
  6. Ceramic Exhaust Coatings ***10% Discount***

    Performance 1 Coatings
    Hi GTR Members, We are specialists in Ceramic coating exhausts and thermally sensitive components to help reduce heat issues and aide in improving performance. If you have a question about the product, the service or the benefits of ceramic coating, please contact us. As a new member to the...
  7. NEW Raw Brokerage BILLET Twin Scroll Turbo Manifolds

    Raw Brokerage
    Hey guys and gals, wanted to update you on some new Raw Brokerage goodies: Our new billet merge collector manifolds are everything our traditional manifolds are plus more. Made out of one piece 304 stainless steel billet leaves no room for error with runner transition into the turbo. These...
  8. Raw Brokerage Pro-Flow RB26 Intake Plenums - FREE SHIPPING!!!

    Raw Brokerage
    Good day everyone! Just wanting to pass on a deal to all those looking to upgrade their intake manifolds on their RB26... For those that don't know about the Pro-Flow Intake Plenums that we offer for the RB26 motors: Raw Brokerage Pro-Flow Intake Plenum - RB26DETT Good through the end of...