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  1. MeisterR GT1 on BNR34

    Brakes, Wheels, Tyres and Suspension (Skyline)
    I thought I would share my settings after fitting MeisterR GT1 on my BNR34. I didn't want go too low because of various issues (roll center, bumper, excessive camber...) so I choose the max ride height available. To achieve that I set distance E to 57.3mm on front (you won't be able to get much...
  2. MeisterR exhaust, Litchfield Suspension, DBA 2015 Wheels, ZELE Carbon lowers and more

    Private: For Sale - R35 GT-R PARTS ONLY
    Hi guys, Returned my GT-R to stock before being sold so the following parts are now for sale: 1. Candy Apple Red GTR R35 2015 OEM Wheels + MPSS tyres + Mobiletron TPMS - £2,400 Collection from Watford, WD25. Candy Apple Red alloys MPSS tyres - 6.5mm rear | 7.5mm front R: 305/30/ZR20 | F...
  3. Settings for MeisterR

    Brakes, Wheels, Tyres and Suspension (Skyline)
    I'm about to fit a set of MeisterR GT1 on a BNR34. Very happy with the overall quality. Anyone on here fitted a set ? I'd like to know what length I should set (E) on the picture for front and rear to lower the car 20mm than OEM ? Factory length on front is 35mm and rear is 200mm. Does anyone...
  4. MeisterR Non-Resonated Midpipe

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hello guys! I have changed my stock midpipe with a custom made non-resonated midpipe by MeisterR here in the UK. Now the car sounds exactly like I wanted it - not that quiet and not obnoxiously loud... just perfect!!! It is even better from the outside... I LOVE it!!! And I am extremely happy...