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  1. R34 front centre grill / mesh - FOR SALE

    Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    Black metal centre front grill / mesh for a R34. Includes centre 2 hole plate to mount GTR emblem. GTR emblem is NOT included. good condition. 70cm wide x 10cm - approx. £75 collected from Nottingham Shipped at cost.
  2. Front Splitter Holes

    All things Stagea
    Hi, I am looking for suitable material to use (other than mesh) to fill up the holes in the front lower splitter on my stagea. I am trying to make it look professional and I can't find suitable material that is stronger than mesh. Preferably I want them filled out so the grill material is...
  3. Virtual Skyline

    Pictures and Video gallery
    Hi all, I posted something similar to this ages ago, but recently I recovered some data off an old hard drive and pieced a few clips I put together from some 3D particle Mesh Tests/research I was doing for architectural visualtion. If you're thinking WTF am I talking about, then to put it...