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  1. R34 GTR Running Issue.. Error Code 12 (MAF).. Help!

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    Hi Guys, When I first imported my R34 GTR in 2018 I noticed there was a slight hesitation on boost and the car struggled to start sometimes. I replaced the battery, replaced the spark plugs and cleaned the MAF Sensors. At the time this seemed to solve the issue. Recently the issue has...
  2. R32 GTR Stumble (Misfire?) Under low throttle when hot

    Hello I've searched around a bit and found posts on some of my symptoms but I thought I would outline the problem I have and see if you have any thoughts. -A bit of history, I first got my R32 GTR (1991, 65k miles) in 2005 where it I first registrant in the UK so took it to Whifbitz for a...