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  1. Griffiths Detailing
    This F430 was in a real bad way when initially brought in. treated to 4 days detailing then finished with Modesta PO1a, BC05 and M1 shot. Chris
  2. Griffiths Detailing
    For more info on our services click the links below or contact myself on here. Chris
  3. Griffiths Detailing
    Had this stunning Focus RS MK1 in (AGAIN) for its regular mint up, spent 3 days machine polishing and jewling up the paint then applied Modesta to paint work. This is a couple of pictures showing the coating curing. Fully finished -
  4. Griffiths Detailing
    Modesta is the ultimate in protection, the look and feel is absolutely second to non. Here are some pics of a C63 I just spent 74 hours on Chris
1-4 of 4 Results