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  1. Prestige wheels
    As some of you guys may know we mainly specialise in just wheels with the odd exception and so we have expert knowledge on wheel fitments, offsets, back space, ratios etc. We will be posting more about some of the brands we deal with in relation to GTR's for 2014 so keep posted. Heres a shot of...
  2. Prestige wheels
    Nissan GTR R35 with Forgeline Forged GA1R monobloc alloy wheels with 10×20 front and 12×20 rear wheels and available from Prestige Wheel Centre. The GA1R is available in custom measurements and a bespoke build can be tailored to suit your needs. The GA1R is one of the lightest and stiffest...
  3. Prestige wheels
    More ADV.1 action for your viewing. This R35 features ADV15 wheels MV2 spec finished in gloss black with exposed fastners. :thumbsup:
  4. Valet Magic & Detailing
    For the MAGIC touch :thumbsup: As you know we have GTR's from all over the UK and Europe come to us for work to be done on there cars and Jamie is no exception, starting his drive down at midnight and getting to us at 08:30 that morning to have his car detailed by me is just amazing. After a...
  5. General Nissan Skyline Chat Robbie Website info is here:
  6. Valet Magic & Detailing
    Nissan GTR detailing - Valet Magic & Detailing Robbie
  7. Valet Magic & Detailing
    This is the only GTR in the contry sporting the new 3M clear matte wrap and doesnt it look awesome :clap: Robbie
  8. Valet Magic & Detailing
    Hi Guys Here is a car we finished yesterday and believe the pics are better than others I have posted. The car is sporting a full high quality matte black wrap inc. door shuts and the wheels have been finished in gloss black making the contrast awesome. I Give you - THE MAGIC EDITION GT-R...
  9. Japanese Automotive Solutions
    Japanese Automotive Solutions is the premier supplier of Genuine OEM and JDM car parts within the UK and European Union. Its unique computer system is linked live with its partner companies in Japan and Europe thus being able to give availability and prices immediately, unlike many of its...
1-9 of 10 Results