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  1. 32GTR - Build Thread

    Skyline / Stagea Projects
    Hi people! So here goes, my build thread for my 32 GTR! Nothing special as yet compared to some peoples on here! But i've currently got another car (Focus ST) which i'm tidying up to sell on to allow funds to be spent on this! So, Bought it from LRG imports, i was just about to import one...
  2. 1994 R32 GTR 436bhp

    R32 - All models
    A sad day for me (like all who sell their GT-Rs no doubt). Finding it hard to justify keeping the GT-R as I only drive it at weekends now. The M5 has become the daily driver so I'm stepping out of second car ownership for a while (if I come back to it I would be tempted for another GT-R)...
  3. Hello, I would appreciate it if any could help

    Off Topic
    hi there im new to this forum, and was wondering if anyone could help me..... i know this might sound odd, but i dont know alot about performance and tuning on cars as general and was wondering if anyone could give me a hint on where to start learning, or if anyone could inform me on the...

    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    I have an R34 skyliine non turbo and my engine light has just come on!! Im freaked!! The petrol was low, nearly gone and i just took off after startin her up and the light came on. Can anyone help me???? could it be the fuel filter is clog in some way due to low fuel and the crap from the tank...
  5. Japanese Automotive Solutions - About Us

    Japanese Automotive Solutions
    Japanese Automotive Solutions is the premier supplier of Genuine OEM and JDM car parts within the UK and European Union. Its unique computer system is linked live with its partner companies in Japan and Europe thus being able to give availability and prices immediately, unlike many of its...