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  1. R35 OEM Brembo complete break kit, front + rear in good condition.

    Private: For Sale - R35 GT-R PARTS ONLY
    Set of callipers + discs for a R35 for sale from a CBA car, these were replaced with an Alcon Superkit from early on in my GTR ownership and these brakes have sat in the old Alcon boxes for years. CV-19 warrants a clear out. The brakes are in used condition but they should clean up nicely...
  2. How to attach pintle cap on OEM RB26DETT injectors

    Bought a kit with o-rings and whatnot, and when I took out #4 a piece of the cap broke off and fell into the engine. From what I gather, it will just be incinerated? Anyway, how to attach the new cap on the injector? Heat up injector and press cap on? Edit: Apparently, I can just press it on...
  3. Turbo water lines (OEM preferred)

    Hello all, The water lines running above the top of the turbos have siezed and I need some OEM replacements! I want to keep the car looking completely stock hence don't want braided lines. Has anyone got any for sale? Or even advice on how to un-sieze! The line seems to be bending more than...
  4. R32/33/34 GTR Parts OEM + Aftermarket!

    Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    Hello all, Just cleaned out my garage and found a load of parts from the GTR's I have owned in my time. Most of the parts have been removed due to wanting to upgrade. Only items that am unsure of working 100% are: - Coilpacks I know I have 1 or 2 not working as I replaced them to stop my...
  5. R32 GTR / RB26 bits and pieces (OEM, Mine's, Nismo)

    Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    Finally got some time to make pictures of the product I can't use anymore. If you want pictures of a part that's not displayed, let me know :) Prices are in EURO and exclude shipping costs, willing to ship worldwide, we'll agree on price, prices are negotiable but to a certain amount, keep it...
  6. R33 OEM CD/Radio Head Unit

    Hi, Does anyone have an original Skyline R33 CD head unit (Single DIN) that they don't need any more? I've seen photos of a CD Headunit which was an optional extra when buying the car new. It could have been a Kenwood CD / Radio. See link. If you have one by any remote chance, then please...
  7. OEM Colour Codes

    Bodywork, Bodykits, Interior/Exterior Trim (GT-R)
    Dear Community I was wondering if we could collect some data on the R35 OEM colour codes. These can be hgelpful if you need to respray something or just touch up some stone-chips etc. I am especially interrested in the codes for example of the bumper lip, as these are grey and I couldn't find...
  8. Pair of Stock R32 GTR Turbos £350 ONO!

    Trade: For Sale
    Got a pair of these excellent condition only 40k miles usage. Off an R32 GTR Garrett T28 TE2701 turbine RB26DETT Turbo Identification number: 14411-05U20 T28 T3 Compressor Housing AR42 Wheel T3 Trim 50 Inducer = 42.51 Exducer = 60.1 Turbine Housing AR 48 Wheel T25 Trim 62 Inducer...
  9. R35 GTR Carbon Rear Spoiler OEM only £499.99 delivered!

    Bodywork, Bodykits, Interior/Exterior Trim (GT-R)
    R35 GTR OEM rear spoiler. Perfect Fitment like factory parts guaranteed! Manufactured using 100% real cabon fibre with Hybrid Carbon Technology and true UV protection. This is a Class A product and is 100% exact like the original OEM factory spoiler, with all mounting holes and fixings correct...