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  1. Ceramic Exhaust Coatings ***10% Discount***

    Performance 1 Coatings
    Hi GTR Members, We are specialists in Ceramic coating exhausts and thermally sensitive components to help reduce heat issues and aide in improving performance. If you have a question about the product, the service or the benefits of ceramic coating, please contact us. As a new member to the...
  2. £100 off all services booked in August

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    THIS OFFER IS FOR GTROC MEMBERS ONLY! I'm offering £100 off all detailing services booked in August, this is just another way of us trying to keep involved in the club. This can apply to enhancement detail meaning the cost is now only £175 or it can be used against any of the higher services...
  3. "LIKE" Knight-Racer on Facebook!

    Although we post offers regularly here for you forum members, we also have them running on our Facebook page and not limited to just Nissan Skylines. Also keep an eye on what other members have posted, recent gossip, projects and products available at the first instance... So if you have...