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oil pressure

  1. r33 gtr hks v-cam build burning oil

    Tuning: General
    Hi all I noticed lately I am going through quite a bit of oil, I have checked for leaks etc and can see no signs of any and logged my oil pressure which seems perfectly consistent I think I am getting oil bleed through the turbo exhaust BB seals under WOT max boost as when I shift I get a puff...
  2. Is low oil pressure when warm normal - oil pressure drop under power

    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    I am looking to purchase a 1989 r32 gtr later today or tomorrow and just had one or two questions as I am not familiar with these engines. The owner claims the oil pressure has always settled down to below 1 unit upon warm idle during his year or so of ownership and his shop said in the past it...
  3. Oil pressure sending unit and gauge setup

    i'm looking for a good replacement of the dodgy OEM oil pressure setup on my R32... what are some good manufacturers and where can i get em?
  4. Standard R34 GTR Oil Pressure Drop

    Hi all Any one else with a standard r34 gtr vspec that has noticed oil pressure dropping under good acceleration in 1st, 2nd and 3rd? No I'm not pumping 600hp at the wheels or anything, just a stock standard vspec. Great oil pressure through the rev range (tested with external oil pressure...
  5. Oil Pump on GTS4

    1. Anyone know how difficult it is to change the oil pump on an R32 GTS4? 2. Anyone heard a standard one fail (does it rattle increasingly over an hour or two (with careful driving) in a way that could be mistaken for cam rattle?) 3. Anyone got a manual for a GTS4? or just for the RB20DET? 4...
  6. R32 engine block - pros and cons

    Engine Mods
    G'day, Does anyone know the pros and cons of using an early 32 block compared to a 33 block? I've got one of the first off the production line in 89'. I'm really after any info that's comparable but I've heard different things about the crank, oil pressure and conflicting stories about...