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  1. Overboosting and slow accelarating after 5000 rpm

    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Hi there GTR owners i have a R33 gtr v-spec love skylines and allways will :popcorn: my isue is that is overboosting and not pulling like it should. Had Ecu talk hookede up and the readout was wiered Boost isue the restictor is gone and think the valve is dead when giving 12 volts nothing...
  2. Overboost and not pulling above 4500 rpm

    Tuning: General
    I have a problem when my GTR R33 is warm and push her only done it once since i got her, she goes to 1,35 bar on R34 turbos why i dont know ? When i hit 4500 rpm she is not pulling like she should and ideas ? Mods : R34 Tubbies Decat Downpipe And some body plugede of the hoes that is under...