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  1. Nissan Skyline
    All, I just got a second hand PFC for my 1997 R33 Vspec. Does anyone have a link or file available for the English manual? SN PFC GTR33L 020-2334 Thank you
  2. Tuning: General
    I was browsing the forums and came across a couple of posts for cylinder 6 lean behaviour. I instantly became paranoid and went to the car and checked what datalogit had under settings 5. Right now I'm running 45.1 on 4+5 and 45.2 on cylinder 6 with id1000 injectors. To me, this doesn't align...
  3. Performance Friction
    Our Carbon Metallic® race pads win more Motorsport championships and are used by more professional racers than any other. Pad Compounds Z-rated Fast road and trackday pad with increased stopping power and fade resistance over OE materials while still producing low dust, noise and wear rate...
1-3 of 4 Results