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  1. R35 owners in sheff/rotherham?

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hiya all.. My name is Rox and I'm new on here and i hope i'm posting in the right section, if not.. could a mod do me the honours please? :) I'm a photographer based in Rotherham looking to do a non profitable shoot with an R35 if anyone is interested :) I've always wanted to work with R35's...
  2. Anyone wanting shoot or pics done?

    Pictures and Video gallery
    I'm based in north east area and I'm wondering if any of your members would let me do a shoot of their car for my blog - Its free and I can blank out plates upon request. Please pm me for details, Gord. We would like to cover as many makes and marques as we can :bowdown1: