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  1. Detailing & Cleaning
    Washer bottle and other plastic reservoirs getting dirty and unattractive? A little time can make them much more aesthetic with this quick tip. You'll need: A spray bottle with 1:2 ratio of bleach and water A scotch pad or steel wool Toothbrush Rag Spray the plastic with the solution. Massage...
  2. Trade: For Sale
    Super hardcoated lightweight polycarbonate windscreen For R32 fitment RRP £550 + VAT KR Price £495 + VAT We can also supply the window kits which consists of: 1 x Thermoformed rear window 2 x Thermoformed rear 1/4 windows 2 x Thermoformed door windows RRP £350 + VAT KR Price £295 + VAT...
1-2 of 2 Results