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  1. Project AS r35, mission:beat the gt2rs

    R35 GT-R Projects
    Tuned/build by glracing, with autoselect's sawa san and kansai service very precious help. Shakedown after almost a year, few more mods, engine rebuild, missed the track and the car so much. 1.1bar medium boost map on e85 744hp set up for response, middle top end, michelin cup 2 tires (both...
  2. 997 turbo remap, who to chose?

    Non-Skyline / GT-R chat
    Hi guys. Thought i would post on here as it seems a lot of forum members have experience with 997's and have either owned one in the past or know people who do own a tuned one. My uncle is keen on getting his 997 turbo remaped. After seeing the effect of tuning on the gtr I think he is...
  3. Porsche GT3 RS - Griffiths Detailing

    Griffiths Detailing
    This loverly Porsche GT3 RS was booked in for our advanced protection detail, this detail is designed to add gloss and top end protection to all surfaces. Lower halves, wheels and arches where sprayed with Maxolen pre wash Vehicle was then snow foamed using Autobrite Magifoam, this was...
  4. GTR vs Supercars

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Just found this on Youtube and this shows you the real performance of the GTR. Its a bit long, but is really entertaining and also commical with the Japanese drivers As they say...... proof is in the pudding. PS Love the guy in the Exige when he...
  5. GT-R vs 911 Turbo!!

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    YouTube - Porsche Turbo (2010) vs Nissan GT-R Part 1
  6. 997 GT3 Clubsport

    All other makes and models
    Greetings. In anticipation of my new arrival due end of September, I am now putting up for sale the best car I've ever owned. Some of you know this car, but for those that don't: 997 GT3 White Club Sport spec Carbon bucket race seats Red belts Drivers and passengers harnesses Centre console...