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  1. FC-datalogit

    looking for a FC-datalogit for use with my Power FC... if anyone has one laying around lemme know. much appreciated
  2. AAC, HKS Filters, HICAS, APEXI POWER FC, Hardpipe, Nismo FPR, Turbo Timer

    Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    Hello all, Selling the following items: - R32 GTR Fuel pump: not 100% sure how efficient it is, I just blanket changed the fuelling when I got the car. £20 - Original R32/33 GTR hardpipe £30 - Driftworks Hicas elimination: BRAND NEW (with invoice) £180 - HKS Hardpipes and filters - filters...
  3. Gizzmo Vs PFC Boost Control Kit

    Hi Folks, Ive bought a PFC recently and there was a apexi boost control kit in long with it. I already have a Gizzmo fitted so my question is should I remove the Gizzmo and fit the control kit. any suggestions? any benefits? Cheers
  4. apexi power fc boost controller kit

    apexi power fc boost controller kit for R33 GTR