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  1. Technical Chat
    Hi folks, Apologies for starting a new thread on a subject that has probably been covered before. I'm a week into my ownership of an R32 GTR and i've had the 4WD light flag up on the dash. 1st time it cleared itself but now it appears to be here to stay, i used the forum to find out the code...
  2. Tuning: General
    Hi, So, I spent some time replacing the pre filters in my sytec bullet filters and cleaned out the post filters. This is the state of the paper filter that came out: - Disgusting! This could be the reason why the fuel pressure was dropping at high rpm/boost on the dyno after there was some...
  3. Maintenance
    I've heard the OEM oil pump on rb26's is infamous for being under powered, especially at higher rpm's. I was wondering how true this is and how high of a priority it should be to upgrade to either the N1 pump or other aftermarket pump.
  4. WANTED - All parts or Vehicles
    Hello all, Im skint! lol you know how it is :) can anyone help me out? As it says, anyone have one ?? Tomei or similar 276l/ph for ~600bhp @fly. Let me know how much :) -OR- Swap/PX for some Black R33 GTR wheels and Toyo TR1 tyres (barley used, cuz i have R888 now) Thanks, Mark Turner
1-4 of 4 Results