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  1. finally got the r35..just a couple of newbie questions

    Nissan GT-R Maintenance per my other thread..finally got a GTR, coming from a modified Cooper S.:nervous: just a couple of dreaded newbie questions..i'm sure they are relatively simple. 1) when the oil temp/frequency sheets get printed out, I understand they are in 5 categories. is the number beside them an...
  2. technical questions (rb24) fueling, boosting etc

    Engine Mods
    Hi lads, made a big move to go from a 160bhp 850kg AE86 track car to a (est 380bhp at 0.85) r32 skyline gts-t RB24t (link below with spec) Now without sounding a complete and utter idiot, I just want to clear a few things up...