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r32 gts t
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  1. General Nissan Skyline Chat
    SO. just wondering but what parts (for suspension), are compatible with each other? I've been tryin to find a front lower control arm (stock) for my R32 gtst, but i havent had much luck the only thing remotely close was for a R33 gts-t.... so i went ahead and ordered it, but havent recieved it...
  2. Maintenance
    ok i was wonderin if the front lower control arm from the R33 gtst would work with my R32 gtst. ive been trying to find a STOCK lower control arm (front) for my baby and all i can find is for the R33 gts-t. will it work?????? :confused:
  3. Maintenance
    I have a weird fault with my r32 gts t. Sometimes it runs sweet. Then other times it reaching around 2500 rpm and it runs very lumpy and rough. and it bounces up and down a 1000 rpm. I had it checked over and no faults can be found. I VE CHANGED EVERYTHING and still cant find the fault. Has...
1-3 of 3 Results