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  1. R33 - All models
    Right chaps, this sort of greaves me to do this but doesn't in other ways. My reason for sale is two fold. One is I need to buy both an Evo and a motorbike. Secondly Fullyloadedcars need a new project car to work on so the Evo will be going to them whilst I ride around on the bike. So here...
  2. Skyline / Stagea Projects
    Well folks, I have been threatening to do it and promised myself I wouldn't start this thread until work began. Well work has begun so let's kick things off. I have always loved the looks of both the R33 and the R34 but particularly the front end of the R34. So why not combine the two and make a...
  3. R33 - All models
    1995 R334 Nissan Skyline GTS-T Type-M. New RB25DET with only (27k) Not rebuilt, bought new from Nissan. RB26 Head Covers Tomei Cams Tomei 550CC injectors Bee-R Pullys Greddy 1.2 Head Gasket Greddy Surge Tank w/ INF 90 throttle body Greddy TD06 20G Turbo Kit (Installed after 13K) -Greddy Headers...
1-3 of 3 Results