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  1. Track Edition 2017 Ultimate Silver - any pics?

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hi Hoping someone can help with a request for pics... I'm quite taken by the thought of upgrading to a new Track Edition car. I've been doing some online research and find myself drawn to the photo in the link below, but I can't bring myself to commit on the strength of one or two (probably...
  2. 1st 6 Second GTR R35

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    WOW! Perhaps I'll give Jurgen a call tomorrow! :squintdan
  3. Cba gtr r35 rear wheel

    Anyone have a rear r35 cba alloy wheel. Preferably in standard grey colour. If around midlands can collect
  4. First Trackday

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    I'm looking to go on track for the first time in the next couple of weeks at Blyton Park. I had a ride up there to have a look yesterday and timed it well as I ended up meeting Alex (alexinphuket) and Ian from the battalion group, great guys and clearly proper enthusiasts. Alex very kindly took...
  5. R35 Upgraded bellhousing

    Private: For Sale - R35 GT-R PARTS ONLY
    For sale is an upgraded bell/flywheel -housing for the R35 GT-R. Machined both sides and sleeved with a brass sleeve and fitted new bearings. Modifications done in Finland, so quality of work is as it is supposed to be. Price: £500 including international shipping. No need for replacement...
  6. Power steering went after foot down..

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hey guys I hope someone could offer some insight, today my power steering went after i put my foot down and after inspecting the engine bay there was no loss of steering fluid, the belt looks fine but i can hear a slight gentle bell ringing noise. A little gutted as I was set to head out to...
  7. 2011 Daytona Blue SRD-GT800R

    R35 - All models
    The time has come to sell my GTR, this has without doubt been the best car I have ever owned Purchased from Nissan 3 years ago as a completely stock car. Stayed near stock for the first year with just an exhaust change. After that the car was modified to SRD-GT800 spec The aim was to have a...
  8. Used R35 prices?

    Hi folks Brother is looking for a fairly recent R35 (up to maybe 18 months old). Been on Autotrader etc and just cant get my head around some prices of 63 plates? - 60k odd. I reckon dealers are marking 5-7k from some trade ins or private buys that they go on the forecourt - maybe they reduce...
  9. Black Edition GTR Wanted

    Looking to buy a Nissan R35 GTR next month or possibly early Jan 16. I would buy one now but im currently buying a property and the sale has proceed. Im looking to buy as soon as I complete on my propery purchase. Im looking for a low millage (under 40k miles) GTR Black Edition. In addtion im...
  10. Another happy F1carbon customer

    Mark contacted us with one question in mind, "Can you supply me with a quality bonnet that fits perfectly and looks the "Dog's bollocks!", yes Sir, no problem at all, not only that, we'll deliver it to you in one piece and fit it for you free of charge! He was sold immediately!! Here is some...
  11. F1carbon's latest offer for the R35 "Track Pack Light"

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    Afternoon guy's, F1carbon is pleased to present to you a very special offer on a package we are calling the "Track pack light". We've put together a package especially for the racing enthusiast. The products are strong and very light. This in turn will increase your all important power to...
  12. R34 vs R35 Review

    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Hey guys, just thought I would share this with you all if it hasn't been done so already.. Kind what was expected but still an interesting review!
  13. F1carbon CBA R35 GTR carbon front lip and undertray

    As per title, we have just sold a few of these and have 1 left. This lip and undertray are based on the Top Secret style. Incorporates air scoops. £650 plus delivery
  14. F1carbon CBA carbon canards

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    As per title we have 1 set in stock ready to go. Perfect weave. CBA fitment only. £320 plus postage.
  15. R35 Gear Box Advice

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hi All I am new to this so would greatly appreciate any advice or pointers anyone might have on this! I have an R35 which I am utterly impressed by but last year Nissan fitted caps over the gear selector to sort out a fault and 12 months later to the week the gear box has a shift fork fault...
  16. R35 GTR Viper carbon bonnets

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    We now have our new range of Viper carbon bonnets available for pre-order. This is our first customer of the Viper bonnet. As you can see, perfect fit and weave.
  17. R35 Carbon Diffuser looking for new home

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    We have an R35 GTR rear carbon diffuser arrive in stock. Yours for £495 plus £25 delivery in the UK. Fits like so! Lights not included.
  18. Nissan R35 GTR Front Upper Strut Brace

    Hi Guys ** BACK IN STOCK AND READY TO DISPATCH!! ORDER TODAY!! ** We have just received new stock of our Nissan R35 GTR Front Upper Strut Brace Fitting a front upper strut brace is a quick and easy way of reducing chassis flex and improving steering response. Our Nissan R35 GTR Front Upper...
  19. F1carbon R35 GTR dry carbon wing vents

    Set yourself above the rest with these perfect dry carbon Autoclaved wing vents. Finished in high luster gloss. £245 delivered. As fitted to our sponsor car.
  20. R35 Dry carbon air vents

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    Time to add a bit of lush carbon to your interior with these stunning dry carbon air vents with gloss finish. As always, perfect weave pattern. Set or 4 £150 delivered.