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    Hi there Looking for some drag radials and wheels for rear of 2010 R35 GTR Nitto NT05R 315 40 x 18 on a Enkei PF01 10.5 x 18 offset +15 wheel as an example or similar Will consider most wheel / tyres but must be in good / very good condition. What have you got ? UK based .... Money...
  2. Performance Friction
    Performance Friction Disc Upgrade High performance 2-Peice discs to fit standard calliper setup, this is an effective upgrade for the standard cross drilled OEM components that are susceptible to cracking. These 2-Peice discs use our patented V2 mounting which is a light weight solution with...
  3. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Just found this on Youtube and this shows you the real performance of the GTR. Its a bit long, but is really entertaining and also commical with the Japanese drivers As they say...... proof is in the pudding. PS Love the guy in the Exige when he...
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1-4 of 6 Results