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  1. Brand New Nissan Skyline GTR RB26 5 Speed Gearbox

    Trade: For Sale R32/R33/R34/R35/Stagea - PARTS
    We at RB Motorsport have got multiple BRAND NEW 5 speed gearboxes in stock, these arent refurbished units... these are full and complete brand new gearboxes, Dont miss out on this RARE opportunity to own a brand new genuine Nissan 5 speed manual gearbox as opposed to relying on refurbished...
  2. Which garret: GT35/GTX series/T04Z hit spool earlier ?

    Engine Mods
    Good morning everyone.Im currently searching info about Garret turbo series.need some advice. When we consider only turbo matter ,not including my modifications besides the fact the target is up to 650 hp. Which turbo from Garret series will be better solution (if any is) for this horsepower...
  3. R32 GTR Timing belt (Cambelt) and servicing. Which ones?

    Hello guys A little confused about which kits and where to get them. I have seen Kevlar belts. Are these better then genuine? I am very big on using genuine parts with the exception of better then genuine parts. Also again the same with Waterpump? Any version better then others? And lastly...
  4. Spark Dwell Settings - RB26 with R35 Coil

    Tuning: General
    I am using Haltech here for my R34 GTR and swapping to R35 Coils and would like to know whats the correct dwell settings for it? According to Nissan Skyline GT-R s in the USA Blog: R32 , R33 , R34 GT-R with R35 Ignition Coil Kit Is this dwell settings correct?
  5. RB ID1000 injectors/HKS fuel rail

    Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    New in box. ID1050 Part #: 1050.60.11.D.6 6x Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors w/clips & pins £450 OBO New in box. HKS fuel rail 11mm £250 OBO £600 for both
  6. NISSAN TWIN CAM 24VALVE name plaque

    Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    Used RB26 plug cover Nissan name plaque. silver / black / red. 'NISSAN TWIN CAM 24VALVE' good condition, fitted with new double sided tape, ready to be installed. £80 ono, UK posted.
  7. Rb26 / rb-x gt2 plug / valley cover

    Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    As new, painted black metal RB26 / RB-X GT2 Valley / Plug cover - spare following Zealou5 re-furb. Top quality as you would expect from Bobby & the Z team. Overseas shipping at cost. £225 ono UK posted.
  8. BNR32 , From Russia

    Skyline / Stagea Projects
    Hello everyone . My name is Yaroslav , and this story about me and my GTR . I live in Crimea ( this peninsula was Ukraine , but Russia come back her territory ) . I bought the car in March 2015 in the city of St. Petersburg, maybe you heard about it from Top Gear, it's about 2700 km from my...
  9. ISO RB26 AAC valve

    As above. Looking for a working aac valve for the 26. Must be willing to ship to USA.
  10. R-32 Wanted

    Hi, I am an absolute R-32 enthusiast and really would like to own an R-32 as my first car, especially as how they are now able to be insured under classic car insurance. In a perfect world, I am looking to buy a cat-d written off 32 and specifically an RB26RV engine. I would like to be able to...
  11. Replacing stock Alternator

    Nissan Skyline
    (Posted here for more coverage) I'm looking to replace the stock Alternator since my build with have higher load requirements. I've seen some folks recommend an alternator off of a infinity I30 since it can be bolted on with little to no fab work, I'm not sure how valid the statement is so I'm...
  12. Replacing stock Alternator

    I'm looking to replace the stock Alternator since my build with have higher load requirements. I've seen some folks recommend an alternator off of a infinity I30 since it can be bolted on with little to no fab work, I'm not sure how valid the statement is so I'm asking. Alternator in question...
  13. RB26 vs. RB28 vs. RB30 consensus

    Nissan Skyline
    I've been meaning to try and make a comprehensive comparison in regards to the RB26, a stroked RB28, and a RB30. Now each have their pros, cons, sweet spots, and most suitable application. I want to try to obtain more context and information into the more technical side of these setups...
  14. Link G4+ initial setup

    I have a holiday coming up, during which I'm taking some time to work on the interior of my car. Since I'll have all of the dash panels off anyway I think it'll be a good opportunity to install some parts I've had lying around for awhile, namely a Link G4+ plugin, some Bosch EV14 injectors and...
  15. RB26 Main & Rod Bearing recommendations

    Nissan Skyline
    Got an RB26 that's going to get rebuilt, but I wanted some opinions (with evidence to back it up if possible!) on Main Bearings and Rod Bearings. The Block is a stock RB26, Crank is a N1, Rods are a Nitto I-Beam, and tomei oil pump (with supertech spline gear) My end game power figure is...
  16. ECU speed signal from gauge cluster

    Does anyone know if the (stock) R33 GT-R ECU references the speedometer output from the gauge cluster for any timing, fueling or throttle related reasons? Would there be any detriment to not having that signal, other than lack of a speed limiter or feedback to the ATTESA system (which my car...
  17. Turbo water lines (OEM preferred)

    Hello all, The water lines running above the top of the turbos have siezed and I need some OEM replacements! I want to keep the car looking completely stock hence don't want braided lines. Has anyone got any for sale? Or even advice on how to un-sieze! The line seems to be bending more than...
  18. Car won't shut off!

    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Hi Guys, I'm brand new to this forum and new to the world of skylines, so let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Michael and I'm actually located in the US, but knew this would be one of the best places to come for information regarding skylines. I recently purchased my dream car, a...
  19. Seeking advice - Anyone experienced buying from WWW.PARTENGINES.CO.UK

    Hi guys, I am trying to import a Rb26 engine component from the guys at Car Engines UK - The One Stop Shop For Used Engines Since I do not live in the U.K. I was hoping to seek some advice on the forum who have experienced in dealing with them. I asked to forward the payment via paypal or...
  20. Best drop in cams for response with single turbo?

    Engine Mods
    Ive been doing some research on which cams would be the best choice for my situation but not having much luck finding people with the same combo as me. I live in California so Im limited to 91 octane for fuel which means around 18-19 psi. The RB26 will be stock pistons and rods with a T3 divided...