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  1. Need help with choosing a clutch for R34 RB26

    Engine Mods
    Hi guys.I want you,as being a long time members of this community and experienced owners of skyline and stuff, to tell me what you recommend for aftermarket single plate clutch which is soft/light/smooth/comfortable for private/street use for R34 RB26DETT which is currently available to...
  2. Uprated injectors with stock turbos, yes or no? (BNR32)

    Tuning: General
    One of my stock injectors recently failed and the others are also pretty old.. The fuel pump is also an old stock unit. I'm wondering if there's any real detriment to running bigger injectors like 555cc Nismos w/Nismo pump on a lower duty cycle. If there's no major downfall, I'll probably just...
  3. ISO RB26 AAC valve

    As above. Looking for a working aac valve for the 26. Must be willing to ship to USA.
  4. How to attach pintle cap on OEM RB26DETT injectors

    Bought a kit with o-rings and whatnot, and when I took out #4 a piece of the cap broke off and fell into the engine. From what I gather, it will just be incinerated? Anyway, how to attach the new cap on the injector? Heat up injector and press cap on? Edit: Apparently, I can just press it on...
  5. RB26DETT Rebuilt engine nasty valve train noise on start up

    Skyline / Stagea Projects
    I just replaced the head gasket on this engine. I accidentally started the engine without priming it. After the start up, it immediately developed this nasty valve train noise. Does anyone know where is the noise originated from and how to fix it. Here is the youtube video id is "51lzWDkK2nw"...
  6. RB26DETT engine noise (HELP!)

    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    I need some assistance with something that's been concerning me. [Edit] Forum wont let me post the link, please PM me for that, I'd appreciate it! After the engine starts and idles, the engine is revved and around 2:55 there is a subtle but audible 'rattle' noise, almost as if something sounds...
  7. Sequential Gearbox RB26DETT

    Hello, I need 2 sequential gearboxes for RB26DETT rear wheel drive. It can be damage but good price. Thanks for your kind replies. It can be OSGikens OS88, Quaife or others. BR and thanks :)
  8. 1997 GTR RB26DETT Y-pipe issue

    Sorry no pics while it was up, so frustrated didn't have time. I installed the SS OBX equal length exhaust manifolds followed by the OBX dump pipes and got onto the y-pipe. The front Y-pipe seems to have the wrong bend in it and comes up a bit off and will not bolt up no matter what is done...
  9. Best drop in cams for response with single turbo?

    Engine Mods
    Ive been doing some research on which cams would be the best choice for my situation but not having much luck finding people with the same combo as me. I live in California so Im limited to 91 octane for fuel which means around 18-19 psi. The RB26 will be stock pistons and rods with a T3 divided...
  10. RB26 Bad engine noise, now NO COMPRESSION

    ok so here's the full story... i noticed louder than normal valve-train/engine noises. almost coming and going in a rhythmic pattern. i didnt like the sound of it and parked it, and right before i shut it down it started making some horrible noises . i borrowed my friends compression tester and...
  11. Converting the RB26DETT to a single turbo

    Of course, you see many people do this for horsepower purposes since the two turbos come tiny in the RB26DETT. What'd be the best turbo to convert to ?
  12. Raw Brokerage - Blue 700hp RB26 Build Thread

    Skyline / Stagea Projects
    Hey guys, Figured I would make a thread to share some of our recent work we've done for a customer that had a 700hp RB26 requirement. He wanted a show ready motor that could take daily abuse. On with the pictures... :whip: The wide body R33 GTR rolling on VS-XX's that we're building it for...
  13. Looking up engine code

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    I was wondering if anyone can help me with the engine code. I would like to get some information on it (NISSAN FAST). I know its a standard 05U RB26 Block. Will I get any information about power or any internal specs? I would like to at least know the year/model the engine was in. Thanks ahead...
  14. Raw Brokerage Pro-Flow RB26 Intake Plenums - FREE SHIPPING!!!

    Raw Brokerage
    Good day everyone! Just wanting to pass on a deal to all those looking to upgrade their intake manifolds on their RB26... For those that don't know about the Pro-Flow Intake Plenums that we offer for the RB26 motors: Raw Brokerage Pro-Flow Intake Plenum - RB26DETT Good through the end of...
  15. RB26DETT Complete Engine, turbos, manifolds, clutch, flywheel, ancillaries..

    Trade: For Sale
  16. Vin Decode-Need to Know Year

    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    I recently got a R32 GTR Half Cut, and want to swap the RB26 into a S13. I really wanna know the year of the R32 to make sure its not the early 90's.. Problem is, I live in the U.S. and cant look up the VIN. Is there anyone that can give me a hand with this? Thanks. Any help is appreciated...
  17. Raw Brokerage - S14 RB26 Build Thread

    Skyline / Stagea Projects
    So I'm finally getting time to get out from behind the desk and under my car to begin building up my personal 1998 Nissan 240sx. Many may recognize my RB26 that’s been swapped in and out of some of the cars I’ve owned... Our shop 350Z race car... Being the owner of Raw Brokerage I guess it...
  18. rb26dett breather pipes to AN Connectors

    Tuning: General
    Hi all, given up searching google after hours n hours While ive got my engine out doing few upgrades, wanted to remove the standard breathers on the camshaft covers and fit the adapters to run proper braided hoses / an connectors months ago i did manage to find a post online about doing it...
  19. R32 GTR Turbo shuffling noise??

    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    i own a near stock 1991 V-Spec GTR, when im on the motorway at 100km/h and put my foot down a 1/4 and build up abit of boost, i can hear one or both of the turbos making a "CHOUF CHOUF CHOUF CHOUF CHOUF" noise and my boost guage bounces backwards and fowards between 0-5psi and if i put my foot...