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  1. Skyline / Stagea Projects
    Greetings from Australia. Finally getting round to making a build thread on my 1999 R34 GTR Vspec Herewith some pics from the day I purchased the car
  2. Tuning: General
    I***8217;m planning my RB28 build since the engine now isn***8217;t at the condition I want it to be at. I will only use this car mostly for street and occasionally track days, therefore I want it to be responsive and stealth. My target is around 700whp . Here is my wish list, N1 Block Borg...
  3. Nissan Skyline
    I've been meaning to try and make a comprehensive comparison in regards to the RB26, a stroked RB28, and a RB30. Now each have their pros, cons, sweet spots, and most suitable application. I want to try to obtain more context and information into the more technical side of these setups...
1-3 of 3 Results