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  1. RB26 vs. RB28 vs. RB30 consensus

    Nissan Skyline
    I've been meaning to try and make a comprehensive comparison in regards to the RB26, a stroked RB28, and a RB30. Now each have their pros, cons, sweet spots, and most suitable application. I want to try to obtain more context and information into the more technical side of these setups...
  2. MGT Racing, RB30

    MGT Motorsport Limited
    Thanks to Mark and Garth at MGT Racing for my RB30 in my R33 GTR. Car was started Monday and was driven out the door Thursday. 600whp and 530 lbft. Lots of happiness and smiles :chuckle: Couldnt have been more helpful, done exactly what they said they were going to do, no ifs no buts. Excellent...
  3. 2014 GTR/Car New Year Resolutions

    General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Yes, it's that time of year again and I figured I would start up the fun by hearing everyone's 2014 New Year's Resolutions for their Skyline, GTR, or other cars. How it works, let everyone know what you plan on doing over the course of 12 months with your car: What Mods do you plan on buying /...
  4. NEW Raw Brokerage BILLET Twin Scroll Turbo Manifolds

    Raw Brokerage
    Hey guys and gals, wanted to update you on some new Raw Brokerage goodies: Our new billet merge collector manifolds are everything our traditional manifolds are plus more. Made out of one piece 304 stainless steel billet leaves no room for error with runner transition into the turbo. These...
  5. GTSS on RB30

    Engine Mods
    hey guys, as the title says... before i begin, just wanna let you guys know that ive got a really shallow engineering knowledge and limited budget, so be gentle please. i'm gonna get a 4WD RB30 as a back up daily engine (planning for a straight bolt on). i've already got twin GTSS running at...