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  1. Work Meister 10x18, BNR34 Turbos

    Private: For Sale R32/R33/R34/Skyline/Stagea PARTS
    For Sale 4 Work Meister S2R Rims (only the Rims without Tyres) 10x18 Offset 15 1600£ 2 BNR34 Turbos(Ball Bearing) Without Outletpipes. Car had 72k miles, Turbos were rebuilt some years ago(Have Stickers on it) 500£ Location Switzerland/Germany. Can ship anywhere
  2. NEW ADV1 wheels - GTR R35

    Projex Design Uk
    NEW ADV1 wheel - 21"x9.5 front 21"x12 rear What are your thoughts ?
  3. GTR wheels refurb

    Exhausts, Brakes, Wheels/Tyres & Suspension (GT-R)
    Has anyone seen a set of GTR alloy wheels like these? Currently being refurbed in house for a customer.... more photos to come..
  4. R34 GTR Wheels

    Looking for the standard R34 GTR rims, any condition considered. Thanks
  5. Work Wheels - now available!

    Trade: For Sale
    We are pleased to announce that Knight-Racer are now a dealer for Work Wheels ;) Here are a few of the popular ranges available: VS_XX_extremegold VS_XX_chrome XSA_02C_Lightmetallicgold XSA_02C_mattgunmetal Emotion_CR-Kai_MattBronze Emotion_XD9_mattbronze Emotion_XT7_Metalbuff...