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  1. GTR r35 Audio Problem (Newbie)

    R35 - "How to" and DIY guides
    Hi, i have a r35 (2010) and 3 days ago everything was working perfectly, However today i couldn't play any music. Nothing happened when i press FM/AM, or Disc, the music box plays music as it shows how far i am in the song but i can't hear anything. When i connect my phone via Bluetooth and...
  2. SRD Audio

    SRD Tuning
    SRD Audio Having been involved in car audio and security for over 20 years, we have lots of experience to offer the best services available. Over the years we have built demonstration cars for high quality and SPL competitions and been involved directly with manufacturers to improve products...
  3. Slow speed high pitched whine

    Technical Chat
    The car appear to have developed a strange high pitch whine sound from the front drivers side wheel/axel when travelling at slow speeds. It's almost sounds the same as you'd get when you run a wet finger around the rim of a wine glass. The sound goes when stationary but will reappear if I...