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    The time has come to sell my GTR, this has without doubt been the best car I have ever owned Purchased from Nissan 3 years ago as a completely stock car. Stayed near stock for the first year with just an exhaust change. After that the car was modified to SRD-GT800 spec The aim was to have a...
  2. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    SRD are now official Asnu distributors and stocking a range of these great injectors. We have found these injectors give much better performance than others on the market and help eliminate black smoke and smells in the car. This is especially true on stage 4 cars. Injector packages for the...
  3. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hi guys, Im proud to announce the release of our R35 GTR Intercooler kit. :) This kit uses the stock style layout which means it works with the stock pipe work, requires no cutting or modification to the car and utilises the stock ducting. The core is 90mm thick with 76mm (3") intake and...
1-3 of 8 Results