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  1. Skyline / Stagea Projects
    Hey people, So I'm currently in the process of importing a 1999 Series 2 WGNC34 Nissan Stagea RS4S via Torque GT, won the car at auction on 25/06/2020 and am super excited to get to work on it. Got quite a few things I'd like to do to it to make it the ultimate daily driver, probably won't be...
  2. General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Hi everybody. I've had my Stagea Tommy kaira beastie for about a month now and loving it. i would say about as much as my old r33 GTR v-spec. obviously the Stagea is not as fast as the GTR but with my missus and my two wee boys in its more than enough. Thought it was about time i said hello to...
1-2 of 8 Results