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  1. 22B Subaru - WANTED

    Hi Guys, Anyone know of a 22B for sale? Japanese Import or UK car. Looking to get back into 22B ownership - ideally sub 30000 miles with good service history. Genuine buyer - no p/ex. I am aware of the various cars for sale in Japan - I was looking to see if there are any good ones in the...
  2. WANTED - Subaru Impreza 22B

    UK or Japan 22B wanted by my owner. Would prefer low mileage as new condition but realise these are few and far between. Cash waiting - no p/ex. what's out there? :runaway:
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  4. Subaru impreza type-r

    Pictures and Video gallery
    Couple pics from mates scoopy... Couple more on ouer blog -Juhis-