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  1. Gearbox upgrade to Sumo GT-R - capable of 1000bhp+

    R35 GT-R Projects
    Hey guys, Check out our GT-R demo car getting an upgraded gearbox fitted. It's capable of handling 1000bhp+ which is the power it will be putting out really soon. For more info and all the pics just click this link! Sumo Power: Engine Tuning, Modified & Performance Japanese Car Parts
  2. Nissan Racing

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hi all, first post here - hopefully it won't be considered too shameless, as it defintely has some GT-R relevance :D I'm writing from the team that runs the 'Nissan Racing' social media channels, the official hubs for all Nissan GT1 related news, race reports, imagery and live race commentary...