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    Hi folks! I'm posting this on behalf of my successor ("Tetra"/Martin) who is a rep with the SXOC (Nissan 200SX Owners Club). They're organising a trackday in Mondello & I've been asked to extend you all the invitation to join a few more car enthusiasts out on-track for a half-day! :thumbsup...
  2. Meetings & Events - Rest of World
    Hola folks! The SXOC are having another trackday in Mondello Park on the 20th of July & we'd like to extend the invite to your good selves @ the GTROC! :) The last trackday we had was great craic & enjoyed by everyone there so we're hoping for more of the same except this time on the longer...
  3. Meetings & Events - Rest of World
    Hi folks, JP here from the SXOC (200SX Owners Club) - I've been chatting with Andy Hornsby & John (Fuggles) about inviting your good selves to the trackday I've been organising for the SXOC, FTO Ireland, IrishRotary, SkylineOwners & the GTR Owners Club members in Ireland. :cool: I've extended...
1-3 of 3 Results