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  1. Intake Temperature Sensor upgrade on RB26

    Skyline and Stagea "How to" and DIY guides
    Introduction I decided to perform this task on my car as I've got a d-jetro power fc and I didn't like that the air intake temperature sensor on the GTR was registering 15+ degrees of heat soak, changed so slowly and just generally provided no real tuning benefit. I believe the reason for the...
  2. Does ceramic coating offer more power??

    Performance 1 Coatings
    The question we always get asked.... Ceramic coatings are typically used on exhaust components to reduce temperatures but, not limited to exhaust systems altogether. Ceramic coatings are an excellent thermal barrier due to their poor ability to absorb heat. This is why headers/ manifolds are...
  3. How Hot is too hot for her to Run?

    I have a 1997 R33 GTR. With the Apexi Power FC hand controller i usually see her run at 80-81deg C normal running water temperature. Would spike into the 90ies due to heat soak when you park it up and turn it off but return to 80ish once restarted and underway Recently however I had a frost...