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  1. Track Day Insurance

    I'm looking to do a couple of track days over the next month or so (Oulton and Anglesey) and I've started looking into insurance and wouldn't mind a few recommendations. I thought my new insurer (A-Plan) did track cover as their website states they do, but apparently they don't. So I can either...
  2. db limits on UK tracks

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Just been looking at track days. My car is a full bolt on car with a std rear zorst. Well nearly std. I welded a 76 mm pip in place of OEM. Problem is I'm hitting 106 db :mad: Anyone shed light on db limits at tracks ..... How strict are they :runaway:
  3. Switchable exhaust

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Evenin' all, I've been looking into buying a switchable exhaust and wondered if anyone has one? So far I've found one from Agency Power but that's about it. I know that Aston Martins use a simple butterfly valve (with holes in it so it doesn't completely block the exhaust!) that's activated...
  4. GTR vs Supercars

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Just found this on Youtube and this shows you the real performance of the GTR. Its a bit long, but is really entertaining and also commical with the Japanese drivers As they say...... proof is in the pudding. PS Love the guy in the Exige when he...
  5. Track Day Insurance - Insured Value? Any tips...

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hi, I am off to Castle Combe on 1st July for a full day and then Bedford for evening slot on 13th August. Competition Car Insurance quoted about £650 for the combined policy Race Insurance quoted £935(!!) for the combined policy. My car is a Sept 09 Black, Black Edition with nav along with an...
  6. SXOC Trackday Mondello Fri April 30th - Want to join in?

    Meetings & Events - Rest of World
    Hi folks! I'm posting this on behalf of my successor ("Tetra"/Martin) who is a rep with the SXOC (Nissan 200SX Owners Club). They're organising a trackday in Mondello & I've been asked to extend you all the invitation to join a few more car enthusiasts out on-track for a half-day! :thumbsup...
  7. (Ireland) SXOC + GTROC Trackday - 20th July - Mondello International

    Meetings & Events - Rest of World
    Hola folks! The SXOC are having another trackday in Mondello Park on the 20th of July & we'd like to extend the invite to your good selves @ the GTROC! :) The last trackday we had was great craic & enjoyed by everyone there so we're hoping for more of the same except this time on the longer...
  8. Trackday for GTROC, SXOC, SO, IROC, FTOI - Mon Sept 29th 08

    Meetings & Events - Rest of World
    Hi folks, JP here from the SXOC (200SX Owners Club) - I've been chatting with Andy Hornsby & John (Fuggles) about inviting your good selves to the trackday I've been organising for the SXOC, FTO Ireland, IrishRotary, SkylineOwners & the GTR Owners Club members in Ireland. :cool: I've extended...