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  1. WANTED - All parts or Vehicles
    As above. I dont have the time to make a custom rear seat delete. I have been looking for a while now and nothing. I guess the R32 gets all the love regarding these parts. Contacted 5th element carbon out of Poland and I guess they are either too busy or they just dont care. I am also from the...
  2. WANTED - All parts or Vehicles
    As above. Looking for the boot lid inside trim, both sides for taillights and the center piece that goes in between the taillight trim pieces. I am from Alaska USA so must be willing to ship.
  3. General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Some skylines that come from japan have various marks,indent or holes from previous owners installing aftermarket gauges or in my case a sat-nav screen. Hers the indent in my dash, doesn't bother me too much but if it can be restored back to new without a big job i would like it done :D The...
  4. Bodywork, Bodykits, Interior/Exterior Trim-Skyline
    Want to add some flare to your interior? Just purchased some of 3M's carbon fiber DI-NOC and have been wrapping a few interior pieces while my alarm system is being installed on my R32. So far I'm very impressed by the look and quality of the product. Easy to apply with a heat-gun or...
  5. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hi all, Just thought I would share a really nice bday present from my brother. He had my steering wheel trimmed in alcantara by these guys: They have trimmed it to a really high standard, the fit and finish is great and the stitching is pretty awesome. They...
1-5 of 5 Results