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twin plate
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    Hi all together, I own a Series II R33 GTR and I have some anoying problems with my clutch. The guy I bought the car from installed a twin plate clutch. So far so good. But the thing is that my gears are some times very hard to change and also i get stucked in 1st gear when I stop the car with...
  2. WANTED - All parts or Vehicles
    Wanted, New or used, Nismo super coppermix twin plate clutch OR Something similar PM me best prices! Plus any fitting fees if you do fitting. Regards, P.s. will be slow with replying to messages as I will be away on holiday! (but will probably jump on the wi-fi where I go).
  3. WANTED - All parts or Vehicles
    Clutch soon required for my R34. Looking at Nismo twin plate coppermix, Exedy twin plate carbon or AN Other ? any suggestions ? best place to buy? any deals out there at present? or anyone with a new or as new one for sale please let me know. thanks :)
1-3 of 3 Results