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  1. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Hi everybody, Just joined the forum and am the happy owner of a nice EU MY2011 R35, in the quite rare "bleu racing" colour. I'm intending to install a "birdview 360°" system on it (Chinese stuff, but should do the job anyway ;) ). It'll use the existing reverse camera, plus 3 additional...
  2. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Check out the GTR in this film... the CGI is amazing...! Hugely impressive, and the acting... Surprised it didn't knock Lincoln off the top spot: Check out the IMDB reviews too... 200 M.P.H. Reviews & Ratings - IMDb Ordered it on amazon, next day...
  3. General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    Made a 2-part video showing Evo X and GT-R storming through the same road on Island of Brac, Croatia. Sadly, lost all the logs to add the speedometers... but still fun I hope! Interesting to see how much time is lost when you are stuck somewhere where you can't overtake. The sound is from the...
  4. General Nissan Skyline Chat
    Hey Folks, just picked up my new Super Silver GT-R in Atlanta. It's headed to Los Angeles now and should be here tomorrow and at Willow Springs Raceway on Wednesday! :D Managed to put 500 miles on it in two days in Atlanta having way too much fun. Here is a video my friends did before loading...
1-4 of 6 Results