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  1. WANTED. R34 GTR. Big Budget.

    Private: For Sale - CARS ONLY
    Hello all, I've just joined the forum. I own a few JDM cars and a couple of Italians but I'm now on the hunt for an R34 GTR, rarer the better for me. I have quite a broad budget depending on what model it is and condition, anywhere from £50,000 to £125,000, I can step this up further if...
  2. BNR32 Wiper arms and assys

    Can anyone fulfill this parts order for me ASAP?... It's an R32 GTR 1994 and the wiper assy is gone to pot... Nissan don't have the parts apparently :chairshot
  3. Bayside R34 GTR Vspec anyone?

    Any one planning on selling a Bayside R34 VSpec in next month before I go and import one?
  4. 19 x 10.5 et12 wheels

    Long shot, I know, but just incase anybody is looking to sell / free up some cash? I've got a set of Rota Grids 18x10 et15 with new tyres incase a swap was an option. :wavey:
  5. Black Edition GTR Wanted

    Looking to buy a Nissan R35 GTR next month or possibly early Jan 16. I would buy one now but im currently buying a property and the sale has proceed. Im looking to buy as soon as I complete on my propery purchase. Im looking for a low millage (under 40k miles) GTR Black Edition. In addtion im...
  6. Wanted: a sump for an R33 GTR

    I am looking for a second hand sump for my R33 GTR. Does anyone have one? Call me on 07971 073760
  7. Wanted R32 interior parts

    I'm in need of the trim that goes around the shift boot. The small rectangular piece. Also the plastic center triple gauge trim.
  8. Front coilovers r32

    I currently have Bilstein front and Tein super street rear coilovers (not sure why they are different). Purchased my r32 about a month ago and the stiffness is unbearable. The teins are really nice looking, almost new and are adjustable. However, the bilsteins seem very stiff causing some...
  9. Best place to import LHD R35 from?

    General Nissan R35 GT-R Chat
    I'm living in the UAE at the moment and looking for an R35, the prices here are pretty astronomical. Which is the best country for me to import an R35 from?
  10. WTD: R35 brakes

    Hi all! I'm looking for a complete set of R35 GT-R brakes (discs, pads, calipers front and rear). Diameter: 380mm Preferably low mileage, no track use and abuse. Shipping to Austria necessary! Please no more time wasters. Please contact me via PM! Thanks! Best regards, RoB